Cowbell Music presents 

By Benjamin Koppel

Anna's Dollhouse

Annas Lied

"Eine große europäisch-jüdische Familiensaga – eine schillernde Geschichte über Liebe und die befreiende Kraft der Hoffnung".

»Fantastisch!« Dagbladens Bureau

Annas Sang has been translated to German!

Translated by: Ulrich Sonnenberg
Published by: S. Fischer Verlag

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Nominated for Concert Experience of the Year 2023!

The Book Concert ANNAS SANG has been nominated for a DMA Danish Music Award - Concert Experience of the Year.
Thank you to the musicians and soloists and Cowbell Music for being part of this crazy project.

Thank you to an enthusiastic audience and thank you to everyone who voted!

The concert can be experienced in an even larger format with the Symphony Orchestra on February 3 and 4 in Aalborg and Aarhus, DK, with brand new orchestral arrangements by Anders Koppel.

Winner of the MARTHA Award 2023!

Annas Sang by Benjamin Koppel

During one of his lectures, Benjamin Koppel was surprised on stage and was named this year's winner of the Martha Award.

"Congratulations to Benjamin Koppel, who for the first time is the winner of the MARTHA Award for his gripping and harsh novel 'Anna's Song'.

The prize is distinguished by being the only Danish literary prize where the Danish readers alone decide who wins. In other words, it is the people who have the chance to recognize their favorite author."

Author of the year 2023!

Annas Sang by Benjamin Koppel

At this year's Bogforum, has just announced the 'Author of the Year' award.

Benjamin Koppel, Gyldendal

"With Anna's Song, Benjamin Koppel has managed to write a bestseller that just keeps on selling, 1.5 years after it was published. The novel is a fantastic family story about a, for the Koppel family, perhaps a little forgotten person - Anna. Whether you have read or listened to the book, you get a touching insight into what the family's roots were like back in the early 1900s and almost a century. As readers, we are taken right up close to the challenges and development of the characters well into the 1900s. It's also a harsh story about being torn apart from your family because a wedding is forced through and requires a move to a new and foreign country. Several times I hoped that Anna would dare to go home to Denmark and not stay in France. But that wasn't the case back then. Benjamin really captures many readers, and we read page after page with great pleasure, because we want to delve deeper into the novel's story," says Helene Kristensen from about this year's winner.

Nominated for

Author of the year 2023

Annas Sang by Benjamin Koppel

At this year's Bogforum, will once again present the 'Author of the Year' award.

Voting for the Author of the year 2023 is on!
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Benjamin Koppel, Gyldendal
Perhaps not many people knew much about Benjamin Koppel before he published his novel "Anna's Sang". A fantastic family novel based on Benjamin's own family history. The book was published last year and has been high on the bestseller list almost continuously since then. Koppel's writing is fantastic, and readers are taken into the very depths of the Koppel family. Even though Benjamin is still fairly new to the book industry, he has really touched many readers with "Anna's Sang". When a book just keeps on being popular for a year, we had no doubt that Benjamin Koppel should be one of the finalists for the Author of the Year 2023 award.

Nominated for MARTHA Prize 2023 Annas Sang by Benjamin Koppel

Benjamin Koppel is nominated for Bog & idé's Martha Prize for Anna's Sang, which was published in May 2022. The book has received high praise from several reviewers and recently won the Readers' Book Prize 2023 and a Mofibo Award for Novel of the Year.

Voting for the MARTHA Prize 2023 is on!
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The moving family chronicle, centred around Koppel's great-aunt Anna, has touched the hearts of Danes across the country and quickly became a bestseller after its release in May 2022.

Scanbox Entertainment Denmark buys rights to Annas Sang

Scanbox Productions buys film rights to Benjamin Koppel's award-winning debut novel Anna's Song, published by Gyldendal.

The moving family chronicle, centred around Koppel's great-aunt Anna, has touched the hearts of Danes across the country and quickly became a bestseller after its release in May 2022.

Anna's Song recently won the Readers' Book Prize 2023 and a Mofibo Award for Novel of the Year. It has also just been nominated for the Martha Prize 2023.



"Benjamin Koppel takes readers by storm in his successful family saga, which puts musicality and inherited traditions into a historical context.
Three weeks of voting are over, and with a convincing number of votes, Benjamin Koppel and 'Anna's Song' has now been named the winner of the Readers' Book Prize 2023."

- Aalborg Bibliotekerne

Congratulations to Benjamin and thank you to everyone who voted!



Benjamin Koppel's bestselling novel 'Annas Sang' has been awarded novel of the year by Mofibo at this year's award show in Store Vega, Copenhagen! Congratulations!

Author: Benjamin Koppel
Audiobook narrator: Iben Hjejle
Publisher: Gyldendal Forlag
Photo: Hasse Ferrold


Liebe deutschschsprachige Freunde

The contract has been signed and ANNAS SANG is now being translated into German by the excellent translator Ulrich Sonnenberg.

It will be published by the prestigious S. Fischer Verlag in about a year's time


The story of Anna is a story of the last century. The life of a woman born as the youngest of five children to a jewish tailor and his young wife, who fled from the progromes in early 20th century Poland, aiming for New York but ending up in Copenhagen.

Being the only girl in the family, she had to pass on the religious torch and was set to marry against her will. But before the marriage could take place the family once again had to flee, this time from the Nazis occupying Denmark. In the early days of October 1943 the family managed to escape to Sweden with nothing else than the clothes they wore and their hopes for a better life intact.

When returning to Denmark after the war, Anna was bound to say yes to a jewish man in France, whom she did not know. And thus she married, and stayed in a loveless and suppressing marriage for 60 years. Until she finally took up music again at the age of 86 and decided to live each day as was it a full life.

Anna’s Dollhouse is the story of a strong and rare woman, who never succumbed to the oppression which became a basic condition for her life through out the century.

This song cycle is composed by Benjamin Koppel.
The lyrics are written by Cæcilie Norby, based on talks and interviews that Benjamin had with his old aunt Anna through a number of years in her house in a suburb to Paris, France.


Benjamin Koppel- Saxofon
Cæcilie Norby - Vocal
Kevin Werner - Piano
Johannes Weidenmueller – Contrabass
Peter Erskine – Drums

Illustrations by Sara Koppel

Dedicated to ANNA KOPPEL (1921-2019)
In loving memory of our dear friend Jacob Andersen (1960-2021)

Single Release MAY 20th 2022

Anna's Dollhouse

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Anna's Dollhouse

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